Tuesday 9:00 am- 9:45 am Concurrent Session 1

Title: PLN (Personal Learning Network)
Location: Auditorium Presenter: Timothy Smith (CMS Instructional Technology) Description: Your Personal Learning Network is a CUSTOMIZED network of people, thoughts, and ideas that YOU connect with online socially for professional reasons. By using these different resources (Social Media) to connect with different people, you are able to find classroom resources, lesson plans, get connected to conferences you can't attend, and garner new ideas to implement in your classroom! The Beginning of YOUR Professional Development and advancement as a professional. (Also recommend a deeper dive into your PLN by attending "Twitter 4 #Educators" and then learn how to balance it all in "Digital Citizenship: FOMO".)

Title: Classrooms Communicate!
Location: Media Center Lab
Presenter: Ilana Jones (Instructional Technology)
Description: Using 21st century digital communication tools in the classroom to enhance learning and student collaboration

Title: Open Computer Lab: Create, Collaborate, Explore!
Location: Media Center
Facilitator: An Instructional Technology Specialist or student volunteer will be on hand to assist you.
Description: Drop into the computer lab to explore any of the topics you learn in a session. Create your own work, collaborate with others or ask an Instructional Technology Specialist to assist you!

Title: Google Docs
Location: C104
Presenter: Jacob Standish (CMS Instructional Technology)
Description: What is Google Docs? Will I get in trouble if I use it? What can I do with it? Come learn what all the commotion is about!

Title: Put Away the Paper and Glue, Glogster is For You!

Location: C151 (Lab)
Presentors: Lynn Keith and Suzanne Blaszak (Providence Spring Elementary)
Description: Come discover GLOGS which are online multi-sensory posters. Learn how to engage your students with the paperless 21st century learning. Create interactive online posters that include video clips, audio clips, images, and text. Glogster Edu is a controlled private space where students can safely create multimedia projects to enhance instruction and learning. This is a powerful and free Web 2.0 tool you are sure to love. In this session we will share several 5th grade projects created using Glogster Edu and will include project design, rubrics, and more.

Title: Creating Comics: Getting Reluctant Writers Busy!
Location: C128 (Lab) Presenter: Morgan Reece (Tuckaseegee Elementary School) Description: "Writing is one of the most challenging parts of the curriculum, but must be mastered for every area of study. As we are constantly told to “engage” students, and engaged is what will happen by using a few, free tools. Use ToonDoo (www.ToonDoo.com), MakeBeliefsComix.com, & Kerpoof (www.Kerpoof.com) to create comics online with students of any grade and subject! It’s simple enough for all students to use across ages, reading ability and languages.View my Prezi presentation:

Title: Enhancing Instruction through TechnologyLocation: C150 (Lab)Presenters: Sylvester Ngoma (Harding/CTE)Description: "Enhancing Instruction through TechnologyDesigned to be a guided, hands-on workshop, this session will acquaint participants with a variety of digital tools that can help enhance classroom instruction. The following topics will be covered:

Title: Administrators as Technology Leaders: Connecting, Learning & Leading in the 21st Century SchoolLocation: G121

Presenters: Nancy Mangum (Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, Raleigh NC)

Description: Today's school leaders must be prepared to educate a new generation of students. In this session we will explore ways that administrators can connect, learn & lead using digital tools.

(For a deeper dive into creating your learning network try attending "Twitter 4 #Educators. For more information on using google docs you might consider attending the google docs session. )

Title: The ActivClassroom in Bloom
Location: G122
Presenter: Kathryn Vaughn (Promethean)
Description: As educators, we are all familiar with Benjamin Bloom’s classification of learning objectives known as Bloom’s Taxonomy. This session will examine how easy it is to incorporate Bloom’s learning objectives into the ActivClassroom. We will explore developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that address Bloom’s learning objectives and support teaching and learning throughout all content areas and grade levels. You are sure to walk away with ideas that will have your ActivClassroom “blooming”!

Title: Students Using Technology
Location: G206
Presenter: Karen Lipski (JV Washam Elementary)

Title: Internet Research using the Big6
Resource: Big6 Wiki
Location: G301
Presenter: Kevin Washburn, Media Specialist (Alexander Graham Middle School)
Description: Workshop will provide tools and resources to participants for integrating Internet resources into the Big6 research process. Online research databases, ebooks, electronic periodicals from NC WiseOwl will also be reviewed.

Title: Science Inquiry with NOVA Data Loggers
Location: G303
Presenters: Cindy Rudolph & Lindi McCurry - Hopewell High School
Description: Increase engagement and interaction in your science classroom with NOVA data loggers. These data recording units are sturdy, portable, devices that are student friendly. They are essentially handheld computers with wireless internet connection that can be used for personal interactive lab investigations, on-line web labs, student assessment, as well as real time data collection. As data is collected, it can be immediately graphed for analysis so more classroom time can be spent on connecting lab results to science concepts. Students may also use this interface to create concept maps to show connections and create procedures for inquiry learning. Data can then be exported and easily compared to results of other students. Student progress can be immediately accessed by the teacher and assignments can be relayed electronically or printed for assessment or further collaboration.

Title: Interactive Activities using Lesson Toolkit 2.0
Location: G304
Presenters: Teresa Fletcher (Providence Spring)
Description: Lesson Toolkit 2.0,within SMART Notebook, is full of many opportunities to bring learning to life in your classroom. During this session you will learn about various interactive activities available, ways to incorporate these activities into your daily curriculum, and classroom management suggestions for keeping all the students involved. In addition, we will create activites you'll be able to take back to your classroom.

Title: Research Skills for Elementary Students
Location: G307
Presenter: Joan Nieves (David Cox Elementary)
Title: SMART Response
Location: G308
Presenter: Jessie Aranda (Polo Ridge Elementary)
Description: The session will include an overview of SMART Response equipment and software as well as its application in the classroom. Topics to be covered include: connecting equipment, setup of student responders, creating a class/teacher file, creating assesments, question types, viewing results, collecting data, generating reports, sample assesments and more.