Tuesday 10:00 am- 10:45 am Concurrent Session 2

Title: CEU Anyone? Atomic Learning
Location: Auditorium
Presenter: Donna Jessup (CMS Instructional Technology)
Description: Atomic Learning provides web-based tutorials, classroom projects, and other technology applications to help you develop your own technology skills as well as integrate them into the curriculum. Find out how Atomic Learning can help you obtain CEU through MyPD.

Title: Classrooms Communicate!
Location: Media Center Lab
Presenter: Ilana Jones (CMS Instructional Technology)
Description: Using 21st century digital communication tools in the classroom to enhance learning and student collaboration

Title: Open Computer Lab: Create, Collaborate, Explore!
Location: Media Center
Facilitator: An Instructional Technology Specialist or student volunteer will be on hand to assist you.
Description: Drop into the computer lab to explore any of the topics you learn in a session. Create your own work, collaborate with others or ask an Instructional Technology Specialist to assist you!

Title: What can I do with an iPad?
Location: C104
Presenters: Jacob Standish (CMS Instructional Technology)
Description: What can you do with an iPad? What can’t you do will be a much shorter question to answer, but this session will give a starting list of what is possible when students and teachers have access to this powerful tablet. NOTE: this session is limited to 30 participants. Arrive Early!

Title: Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis & More: Making Sense of Web 2.0 Tools
Location: C123 (Lab)
Presenter: Anne Bucci (Butler/Media Specialist)
Description: This session will provide attendees with a defintion and overview of Web 2.0 tools, including blogs, podcasts, wikis and other tools. Through the use of an interactive PowerPoint presentation, participants will be exposed to Web 2.0 technology, locate and evaluate quality web resources and collaborate with other teachers on the use of technology in their classrooms. In addition, participants will understand the social connections on the web that students are making. Attendees will be provided with materials including a list of websites (with descriptions)
Title: Discovery Education Introduction and Basics
Location: C152 (Lab)
Presenters: Sean Hannum (Bailey Middle School)
Description: Created by the Discovery Channel, Discovery Education is an excellent supplemental resource for all teachers. In this session you will learn how to navigate the Discovery Education website. Basic searches for video clips, full length Discovery Channel videos, and other resources available to teachers will be demonstrated. Discovery Education has made it easier to navigate the site by offering a Quick Start Guide as well at the full User Guide and many helpful FAQ's.

Title: Create, Communicate, and Collaborate with the Effective Use Rich Media

Location: C151 (Lab)
Presentors: Lynn Keith and Suzanne Blaszak (Providence Spring Elementary)
Description: "Create, Communicate, and Collaborate with the Effective Use of Rich Media
The session will be focused on enhancing instruction with 21st century media. Our emphasis will be the steps in finding, importing and integrating rich media into lessons created in SMART Notebook. Learn how to enrich lessons by adding flash, video, sound and web sites to create interactive, effective instructional materials.

Title: Creating Comics: Getting Reluctant Writers Busy!
Location: C128 (Lab)
Presenter: Morgan Reece (Tuckaseegee Elementary School)
Description: "Writing is one of the most challenging parts of the curriculum, but must be mastered for every area of study. As we are constantly told to “engage” students, and engaged is what will happen by using a few, free tools.
Use Kerpoof (www.Kerpoof.com) and Toondoo (www.Toondoo.com) to create comics online with students of any grad and subject! It’s simple enough for all students to use across ages, reading ability and languages.
Title: Edmodo
Location: C131 (Lab)
Presentors: Aubrey Harrison (Harding University High School)

Title: Kerpoof (Hands On Session)
Location: C115 (Lab)
Presenter: Timothy Smith (CMS Instructional Technology)
Description: Learn how to integrate Kerpoof, the FREE multimedia software for educators, into your classroom. Students can CREATE original artwork, animate movies, create stories, and so much more (even practice spelling). Its serious FUN when you enhance the classroom with Kerpoof. If you "liked" Kidpix, Kerpoof will make your mind go POOF! Best for CMS: Free, unblocked for students and teachers, and supported (Instructional Technology). Come learn what Kerpoof has to offer for your classroom. Hands On Session In Lab.

Title: Mooving with Moodle
Location: G205 (Lab)
Presenter: Sharon Wilson and Christina Efird

Title: Animoto.com

Location: G305
Presenters: Kristen Better(Endhaven Elementary/First Grade Teacher)
Description: “Animoto is one of the marvels of Web 2.0. It is a wonderful initiative and a true
benefit to teachers and students.” --Discovery Education
Animoto provides an array of tools for creating videos in your classroom. It makes
it easy for you to share videos with your students, parents and staff. You can also
use the videos to enhance your CMS wiki page.

Title: SMART Response
Location: G308
Presenter: Jessie Aranda (Polo Ridge Elementary)
Description: The session will include an overview of SMART Response equipment and software as well as its application in the classroom. Topics to be covered include: connecting equipment, setup of student responders, creating a class/teacher file, creating assesments, question types, viewing results, collecting data, generating reports, sample assesments and more.