Tuesday 1:00 pm- 1:45 pm Concurrent Session 4

Title: Twitter 4 #EducatorsLocation: AuditoriumPresenter: Timothy Smith (CMS Instructional Technology)Description: Twitter 4 #educators is your introduction to the Who, What, Where, When and most importantly WHY one would use Twitter as an educator. This is about YOUR professional development. You (the educator, the teacher, the administrator, the student) are going to get your 24/7 Professional Development from the people YOU decide to learn from. Come and learn how Twitter is making a positive impact on the Educator. Remember YOU ROCK and the world should know it! (Highly Recommend you attend Building Your PLN to help understand the big picture, and Digital Citizenship: FOMO to put it all into perspective.)
Title: Classrooms Communicate!Location: Media Center LabPresenter: Ilana Jones (Instructional Technology)Description: Using 21st century digital communication tools in the classroom to enhance learning and student collaboration.
Title: Open Computer Lab: Create, Collaborate, Explore!
Location: Media Center
Facilitator: An Instructional Technology Specialist or student volunteer will be on hand to assist you.
Description: Drop into the computer lab to explore any of the topics you learn in a session. Create your own work, collaborate with others or ask an Instructional Technology Specialist to assist you!

Title: CMS WikisLocation: C104Presenter: Jacob Standish (CMS Instructional Technology)Description: I need a CMS Wiki, I have to have a CMS Wiki, I want a CMS Wiki, What do I do to do THE WIKI? Glad you asked because this is the session to get your Wiki On!
Title: Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis & More: Making Sense of Web 2.0 Tools
Location: C123 (Lab)
Presenter: Anne Bucci (Butler/Media Specialist)
Description: This session will provide attendees with a defintion and overview of Web 2.0 tools, including blogs, podcasts, wikis and other tools. Through the use of an interactive PowerPoint presentation, participants will be exposed to Web 2.0 technology, locate and evaluate quality web resources and collaborate with other teachers on the use of technology in their classrooms. In addition, participants will understand the social connections on the web that students are making. Attendees will be provided with materials including a list of websites (with descriptions)

Title: Creating Comics: Getting Reluctant Writers Busy!
Location: C128 (Lab)
Presenter: Morgan Reece (Tuckaseegee Elementary School)
Description: "Writing is one of the most challenging parts of the curriculum, but must be mastered for every area of study. As we are constantly told to “engage” students, and engaged is what will happen by using a few, free tools.
Use Kerpoof (www.Kerpoof.com) and Toondoo (www.Toondoo.com) to create comics online with students of any grad and subject! It’s simple enough for all students to use across ages, reading ability and languages.

Title: Edmodo
Location: C131 (Lab)
Presenter: Aubrey Harrison (Harding University High School)

Title: ActivClassroom, Awareness Session for School Leaders and AdministratorsLocation: G122Presenters: Kathryn Vaughn (Promethean)Description: The ActivClassroom Awareness Session for School Leaders examines best practices and provides a peek into an ideal Activclassroom through developmentally appropriate learning opportunities and technology-enhanced instructional strategies that support the diverse needs of learners. Administrators and others in leadership roles will receive observation forms that can be used to monitor Activclassroom proficiency and usage to help ensure that the technology is being used appropriately to maximize student learning and engagement in the classroom.
Title: Express YourselfLocation: G124Presenters: Carol Huss (Independence High)Description: Learn how to integrate ActivExpressions into flipcharts and involve students in your lessons (with or without ActivExpressions).
Mooving with Moodle Location:G205 (Lab)Presenter: Sharon Wilson (CMS Instructional Technology) & Christina Efird (Teacher PD)Description:
Title: Why we filter? CIPALocation: G301Presenter: Donna Jessup (CMS Instructional Technology) & Marlene Cousen (CMS Information Systems and Support)Description: Inform teachers and district staff of CIPA regulations and how it applies to what we do...or not do...in CMS. Help educators to understand why we filter web content and the process for getting sites unblocked.
Title: Who does what in Technology ServicesLocation: G303Presenter: Jerry Shepardson (CMS Instructional Technology, Director)Description: Inform teachers and district staff the various roles of the CMS technology departments in providing a safe, quality reliable network of computers and other technology hardware and resources.
Title: Interactive Activities using Lesson Toolkit 2.0
Location: G304
Presenters: Teresa Fletcher (Providence Spring)
Description: Lesson Toolkit 2.0,within SMART Notebook,is full of many opportunities to bring learning to life in your classroom. During this session you will learn about various interactive activities available, ways to incorporate these activities into your daily curriculum, and classroom management suggestions for keeping all the students involved. In addition, we will create activites you'll be able to take back to your classroom.